Webinar: 2021 State and Local Workforce Survey Results

Since 2009, SLGE at ICMA-RC has partnered with the International Public Management Association for Human Resources and the National Association of State Personnel Executives on a workforce survey of state and local government HR professionals. This year's survey included questions on recruitment, retention, benefits, and retirement, as well as flexible work practices and the looming […]

Webinar Series: Strategic Steps for Developing the Post-Pandemic State & Local Government Workforce

Taking control of uncertainty and successfully steering through frequent bumps in the road is the fundamental leadership challenge of our time. State and local government leaders know that it takes talented and innovative employees to steer organizations through tough times and to be well-positioned during recovery. This has been abundantly clear throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. […]

Webinar Series, Pt 2: Flexible Workplace Implementation

MissionSquare Research Institute, LinkedIn, Microsoft, and the Mejorando Group discuss flexible workplace approaches, including work from home, alternate work schedules, job sharing, gig hiring, technology applications, and a strategic reassessment of workforce needs.

Webinar: K-12 Employees – Anxiety About Student Learning, COVID-19 Risk, Personal Finances

Ninety percent of K-12 employees are concerned about students falling behind as a result of the pandemic. At the same time, K-12 employees are working longer hours, having difficulty adjusting to changes in the nature of their jobs and are worried about protecting their families from COVID-19. Many say they have faced negative financial impacts […]

Webinar: Financial Wellness Grant Program Results

As public sector workers report increased financial challenges in the wake of the ongoing pandemic, a new series of financial wellness case studies and fact sheets provides state and local government employers with key learnings and promising practices to help workers reduce debt, save for retirement, and reach other financial goals. This research comes as […]

Webinar: Continued Impact of COVID-19 on Public Sector Employee Job and Financial Outlook, Satisfaction, and Retention

More than half of state and local government employees report that more people are leaving jobs at their organization since the start of the pandemic, leaving their remaining coworkers stressed, fatigued, and anxious, according to a new public sector workforce survey. The findings are detailed in a new research report, Survey Results:  Continued Impact of […]

Webinar: Promising Practices in Public Sector Recruitment and Retention

Amidst the “Great Reshuffle” and “Great Resignation” occurring in the wake of the pandemic, local government employers need a multi-pronged approach to keep current employees and attract the next generation of public sector workers. This webinar, presented in cooperation with the National League of Cities, leverages research findings from MissionSquare Research Institute surveys of public […]

Webinar: Public Service Employee Financial Wellness Sentiment Amid Market Volatility

Click below to view the recent webinar about new survey results from MissionSquare Research Institute that examine the sentiment of the state and local public service workforce about their financial security amid market volatility. Conducted for National Retirement Security Month, the survey finds the vast majority (84%) of public service employees say they are anxious […]