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Drawing attention to trends and new research is an important part of MissionSquare Research Institute’s mission.  To that end, the Research Institute collaborates with media outlets and related organizations to promote its research and resources. The Institute’s research has been covered by the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, National Public Radio, Axios, CNBC, Bloomberg News, Fox Business, Governing, Politico, Forbes, USA Today, and many other outlets. State legislators and agencies, local governments, and federal and congressional entities rely on and cite that research regularly.

The Research Institute also holds events and webinars to focus on timely issues, enabling state and local governments and other public service organizations to build capacity to attract and retain the talent they need to operate in an increasingly complex world.

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New Financial Wellness Fact Sheets Demonstrate How 24 Public Sector Employers Have Implemented Programs to Improve the Financial Health of Employees

Developed Under a New Grant Program, the Fact Sheets Offer Innovative Ideas for Employers Seeking Ways to Strengthen Workforce Financial Wellness As many public sector employees face increased financial challenges amid the pandemic and high inflation, 24 public employers are using innovative approaches to improve the financial health of their workforce and families. Released today, […]

Six Workforce Trends to Watch in 2022

As state and local governments, along with other public service organizations, emerge in 2022 from a challenging two years, they continue to gain valuable insights into how public employers can manage and support their current workforce while positioning themselves to attract new talent. Recent research by MissionSquare Research Institute (formerly the Center for State and […]

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E-News: December 2021

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Webinar: K-12 Employees – Anxiety About Student Learning, COVID-19 Risk, Personal Finances

Ninety percent of K-12 employees are concerned about students falling behind as a result of the pandemic. At the same time, K-12 employees are working longer hours, having difficulty adjusting to changes in the nature of their jobs and are worried about protecting their families from COVID-19. Many say they have faced negative financial impacts […]

Webinar: Strategic Local Government Workforce Management in the Wake of the Pandemic

MissionSquare Research Institute and the National League of Cities partner on exploring strategies for managing the public workforce in changing times.

Webinar Series, Pt 3: Optimized Benefits and Compensation to Meet Employees’ Needs

MissionSquare Research Institute, LinkedIn, Microsoft, and the Mejorando Group discuss how states and localities can optimize benefits and compensation to gain a competitive advantage in recruitment and retention.