SLGE has recently completed research into state policies around re-employment of retired staff, as part of a joint effort with the National Association of State Retirement AdministratorsSLGE gratefully acknowledges the support of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to undertake this research project.
  • When is reemployment allowed?
  • What restrictions are placed on returning to work?
  • How are some states facilitating such returns in order to address workforce issues?
  • How are public employers balancing post-retirement employment policy objectives?
For the academic/research community: Wed., Nov. 28 at 1pm Eastern
For state/local staff and officials: Wed., Dec. 12 at 1pm Eastern
Pension fund data is available in the Public Plans Database for both individual state and local plans as well as aggregate totals.


While there are some plans that are not keeping up with their actuarially determined employer contributions (ADEC), the majority are.  


Among plans where the ADEC is under $1 million per year, those contributions are being paid in full by 80 percent of employers.  Among those where the ADEC is over $1 million per year, they are being paid in full by 69 percent of employers, with an additional 12 percent paying 90 percent or more of the ADEC.
While this data shows recommended and actual allocations in the current year, funding status is an indicator of long-term ability to meet pension obligations.  For more information, read our latest funding status update, released in partnership with the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College.

Workforce Challenges
Route Fifty is hosting a digital viewcast on Overcoming Top Workforce Challenges in state and local government, on Thursday, November 29, at 2pm EST, that will include Rivka Liss-Levinson, Ph. D., SLGE’s Director of Research.

Happy Thanksgiving
SLGE is thankful for all the dedicated public servants in state and local government.  We also appreciate the support we receive from ICMA-RC and our other research partners and sponsors in sharing workforce, retirement, and health & wellness information with those driving policy or managing their public organizations. 
Governing featured SLGE’s research on the workforce of the future, while the pension funding status study was recently profiled in Route Fifty