Explore Latest Pension Plan Data


There are two new updates to the nationwide Public Plans Database. The first is summarized in a new issue brief: Update on the Funded Status of State and Local Pension Plans – FY2018, which discusses recent trends, such as a slowing of liability growth that still exceeded asset growth.


In addition, the data for those plans which released CAFRs on June 30 have also been added to the online database. Explore the performance of 190 state and local plans, along with quick reporting tools at publicplansdata.org.


Infographic: Employee Financial Literacy


SLGE is currently developing survey and case study research on financial literacy program needs and preferences for state and local government employees. Preliminary survey results are available now in an infographic. Click here to download the infographic.


An SLGE report from earlier this year, Financial Literacy Programs for Local Government Employees, discusses ways to strengthen public sector employee financial literacy programs, ranging from developing culturally relevant, tailored materials to utilizing technology to deliver information.


Webinar: Innovations in the Health & Human Services Workforce


To accompany an upcoming report from SLGE and Kronos, the center will conduct a webinar on Thursday, December 5, at 1pm Eastern. This webinar will discuss how state and local governments can plan for future health, medical, and human services staffing needs.


Recap: Public Workforce 2030 Summit


SLGE, the National League of Cities, and ICMA-RC co-hosted a summit on future workforce issues in Fort Lauderdale, FL, on September 27. Click here to view recordings of the summit panels. A report on key takeaways from the summit will be posted soon.


Proactive Pension Management


SLGE hosted a webinar discussing the report Proactive Pension Management: An Elected Official’s Guide to Variable Benefit and Contribution Arrangements. The webinar included SLGE staff, as well as Paula Sanford, Ph.D., Senior Public Service Associate, Carl Vinson Institute of Government, University of Georgia; and Anna Petrini, Senior Policy Specialist Employment, Labor and Retirement Program, National Conference of State Legislatures. The research was produced with support from AARP.


For further information, you can download the full report, or access the webinar slides and recording.


SLGE in the News


Providing new coverage of the variable pension research were Plan Sponsor and the Ritz Herald, while the public plans issue brief was covered by the National Association of State Treasurers‘ Morning Brief and Benefits Canada.


A guest column on the Public Workforce 2030 Summit was featured in Fast Company.


Data from the center’s annual workforce survey was cited by Seattle’s KING5 News as part of a discussion on the difficulty of filling police positions.


At the ICMA Annual Conference in Nashville, Tennessee, SLGE staff coordinated roundtable discussions around financial literacy and non-cash employee benefits.