A Profile of the Public Health Workforce

As the nation faces increased strains on its public health workforce from the COVID-19 outbreak, SLGE extends its appreciation to all who are called to this essential service.

SLGE has a new primer describing the current public health workforce size, expectations for growth, employee demographics, job tenure, and the skill sets most in demand. Click to download the report: How Does the Public Health Workforce Compare with the Broader Public Sector?

Register here at no charge for a webinar on Friday, April 3, 2020, at 1:00 PM ET.

For more discussion on the topic of the public health workforce, check out Research Director Rivka Liss-Levinson’s related commentary in Route Fifty, “We Shouldn’t Wait for a Crisis Like Coronavirus to Fund Public Health”.

Individual Medicare Marketplaces for Retiree Health Care

As many state and local governments face inadequate funding levels for retiree health care obligations, a new report offers policymakers with a guide to individual Medicare marketplaces. These marketplaces are one option for public employers and retirement systems to consider as they look to contain health care costs and create a better value for retirees.

A related webinar took place on March 16 — view the recording here.

Financial Literacy Resources and Webinar

If you’re curious about what state and local governments are offering in the way of financial literacy programs, download this report from 2019. A follow-up report is coming in April with new polling data on employee needs and preferences for financial literacy education.

Mark your calendars for a webinar on the new findings: Wednesday, April 22 at 1pm EDT. Register here.

Public Plans Database Update

Data on the status and performance of state and local retirement plans is compiled in the Public Plans Database, a cooperative effort of SLGE, the National Association of State Retirement Administrators, and the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College. The March 2020 update includes information contained in fund documents released through January. New features include datasets on police and fire, and detailed credit rating, bond duration and investment fee data by asset class. SLGE gratefully acknowledges the role of ICMA-RC in support of this data collection.

SLGE in the News

MarketWatch discussed the new research on police and fire pensions as a share of the overall state and local public sector budget.

Workforce.com cited the SLGE commentary on public health staffing, with Yahoo Finance also covering the related report.

Governing discussed SLGE’s data on employee training as part of its article on future proofing government, with Government Technology citing SLGE in a discussion on employee development and retention.
How Does the Public Health Workforce Compare with the Broader Public Sector?