Research Advisory Committee Provides Diverse Perspectives


MissionSquare Research Institute has assembled its new Research Advisory Committee to provide advice on research, communications, and stakeholder engagement initiatives.


The Research Advisory Committee is comprised of individuals with deep expertise on workforce, retirement, and healthcare issues facing public service organizations. The committee recently held its first meeting, with members’ input already informing the Institute’s research agenda plans for 2022 and beyond. Click here to view the committee roster.


Virtual Conference Presentations


Joshua Franzel, PhD, the Research Institute’s Managing Director, and Rivka Liss-Levinson, PhD, Senior Research Manager, spoke to a meeting of AARP’s National Retired Teachers Association regarding K-12 workforce and retirement issues. Josh Franzel, PhD, also spoke to the Alaska Municipal League’s Annual Local Government Conference regarding the public workforce and its health and retirement benefits. Meanwhile, Rivka Liss-Levinson, PhD, and Gerald Young presented on the Institute’s COVID-19 and workforce research to the Association for Public Service Excellence-UK.


MissionSquare Research Institute in the News


Research on K-12 employees and COVID-19 was covered by:


The Institute’s report on diversity, equity, and inclusion in the public service workforce was covered by:


Bloomberg and the Potomac Officers Club referenced the annual workforce survey’s data on the high percentage of public employees accelerating their retirement plans, while Patch Media used Institute workforce survey data in a discussion of government teleworking arrangements.


Route Fifty cited data from the Institute’s survey of public employees regarding how government employers could improve the work environment.
Governing quoted Rivka Liss-Levinson, PhD, in an article on the public finance workforce.


The Institute’s infographic on the status of defined benefit and defined contribution plans in the Public Plans Database was featured by Route FIfty, and a discussion entitled Are We Preparing Public Employees for Retirement? was featured on the MissionSquare Retirement blog.


The Association for Talent Developmentreferenced the Institute’s public workforce webinar series that was held in conjunction with LinkedIn, Microsoft, and the Mejorando Group.