New ANC, NAGDCA, and Center for Excellence Report

WASHINGTON, DC, 10/16/12 — The Arthur N. Caple Foundation (ANC) and National Association of Government Defined Contribution Administrators (NAGDCA) partnered with the Center for State and Local Government Excellence (SLGE) to review the current and future role of defined contribution plans for state and local government employees and the governments that provide the retirement benefit.

The report, “The Evolving Role of Defined Contribution Plans in the Public Sector,” aims to answer important and timely questions:

  • What does the current public sector retirement plan environment look like?
  • What does the future hold for defined contribution plans?
  • What are effective defined contribution designs?
  • What role can annuities and other guaranteed retirement income features play?
  • How are financial literacy and counseling initiatives and defined contribution plans linked?
  • How can structural change, if adopted by a government, be implemented to minimize costs, risks, and help employees assume more personal responsibility?
  • What should be considered when assessing and potentially altering the role of defined contribution plans?

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About the Center for State and Local Government Excellence

The Center for State and Local Government Excellence helps state and local governments become knowledgeable and competitive employers so they can attract and retain a talented and committed workforce. The Center identifies best practices and conducts research on competitive employment practices, workforce development, pensions, retiree health security, and financial planning. The Center also brings state and local leaders together with respected researchers and features the latest demographic data on the aging workforce, research studies, and news on health care, recruitment, and succession planning on its website,

About the ANC Foundation

The Arthur C. Caple Foundation was formed to advance knowledge in the field of public sector retirement security. The Foundation, established in 2006 as a supporting organization of the National Association of Government Defined Contribution Administrators (NAGDCA), supports both individual educational opportunities and research to expand knowledge related to the importance of retirement readiness. To accomplish its mission, the Foundation operates under the following principles: Retirement Education – The Foundation is to provide higher education students with funding to study financial or retirement planning and to create opportunities for the students to participate in related learning opportunities. Research and Information Exchange – The Foundation supports research, information sharing, and collaborative endeavors that further retirement readiness and expand knowledge of retirement issues and solutions.


NAGDCA’s mission is to unite representatives from state and local governments that service and support defined contribution plans. NAGDCA provides an environment to foster growth in professional development of its members through networking with peers, educational opportunities, and information sharing that includes comprehensive publications, reports, and surveys. NAGDCA will promote and support federal legislative initiatives for the advancement of retirement plans.

For information contact: Amy Mayers, 202-682-6102, [email protected]

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