Infographics Show Negative Trend in State and Local Job Sentiment Since COVID-19


A national poll of state and local employees finds that the COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis are taking a heavy toll on the public workforce. Since the early days of the pandemic, negative job sentiment is climbing, while 54 percent of the public workforce say they have been negatively impacted financially by the pandemic.

When looking at K-12 education employees, job satisfaction has fallen as hours on the job have increased. The percentage of K-12 employees who are very or extremely satisfied with their employer dropped from 69 to 44 percent from March to October. This segment of the workforce also feels higher levels of stress (63 percent) and burnout (54 percent) as compared to all other state and local workers, at 45 percent and 41 percent, respectively.

These findings are contained in two new infographics from SLGE and ICMA-RC, Public Sector Employee Views on COVID-19: May 2020 vs. October 2020 and  K-12 Education Employee Views on COVID-19: March 2020 vs. October 2020A full report with additional survey findings will be issued in January 2021.



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