How Strong is Your Talent Pipeline?

As the pace of retirements accelerates, government leaders are paying more attention to staff development.

“The future is speeding up,” Center President and CEO Elizabeth Kellar told attendees at a workforce session at the National Association of State Chief Information Officers Mid-Year Conference.

Kellar added that there are implications for recruitment practices and compensation packages. “Governments also will need to find ways to speed up learning,” she advised.

The panelists (chief information officers for the states of Tennessee, California, and Ohio) described the selling points of working for government:  “We have big toys, big problems, and a big opportunity to make a difference.”

They also recommended workforce development strategies for governments, including:

  • Grow your own talent
  • Develop career paths (no more dead end jobs)
  • Provide training that is geared to the specific knowledge, skills, and abilities the organization needs.
  • Partner with academic institutions
  • Ask vendors to help
  • Teach leadership skills
  • Provide training in procurement, project, and change management
  • Offer online courses